Friday, September 28, 2007

Monrovia Tour

Writing today about my tour of Monrovia is really impossible and I have a sense that I should not even try. Monrovia is a city devastated by 12 years of civil war. There is hardly a building not bearing damage. Yet there is building and repair work no matter where you look. There are people everywhere and there is continous movement -people, cars, motorcycles, carts, and wheelborrowes.

I have begun to hear stories but not in a formal way. If you are willing to ask, people are willing to share their story. The stories are of tragedy, faith, atrocities, and hope. I asked my security guard and my driver "What gives you hope?" Thier answer was the goverment seems to really be trying; the international community is present and working to make a difference; and Ellen Johnson the first woman president and first person with indigeneous heritage is honorable and cares about the people.

I am not sure that I want to describe the poverty -the poor housing, lack of electricity, running water, or the need for everyone in most families to work. Focusing on these issues would take away from understanding the resilency of the Liberian people and yet, one must share the tragic events of the civil because that knowledge allows one to understand the spirit of the Liberian people.

I am still not sure what city or county I will be sent but I will learn soon. Life here has a way of rapidly changing while slowly moving.

For today....

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