Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have not posted for awhile but I would like to give a synopsis of my next journey. Below is a brief description of the work I will doing with SalusWorld in Thailand starting in March of 2010.

SalusWorld Mission

SalusWorld’s mission is to stand with victims, humanitarian workers and other activists to facilitate a return to a healthy emotional life after setback due to loss or injury caused by war, political conflict, natural disaster and epidemics.

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The long-term vision of SalusWorld in Thailand and Burma is to simultaneously build awareness of trauma and mental health issues while training a corps of skilled mental health paraprofessionals that can serve as mental health counselors and advocates for human rights of all Burmese people. SalusWorld’s model is based on experiential training, and matching skilled psychologists and clinical social workers with local counselor trainees from the communities in which they serve.

Information on SalusWorld's work In Thailand can be retrieved at

My Work

As a Clinical Social Worker my role in Thailand is to support the training of local counselor trainees in developing skills in dealing with trauma through narrative and story. Further the hope is to develop group processes using narrative and story that will support the counselor's in dealing with their trauma in working with clients. The use of story and storytelling is seen as a means of promoting both personal and cultural healing.