Monday, September 3, 2007

Three weeks to go

My preparation for my trip to Liberia is entering the final stages. Three weeks before I leave. Today I spoke with a Liberian storyteller living in D.C. We talked of the importance of the oral tradition of storytelling and how important the personal relationship is between teller and listener. "How to develop respectful relationships with the people I meet on this journey," has been my main question to those who are Liberian and have worked in Liberia. The answer is usually be attentive and be yourself. So this will be my main intent to be attentive, be myself and to keep my eyes, mind and heart open to what is in front of me. Chekov ends one of his short stories with "We shall live and we shall see." And that is exactly all i can do. I will live and I will see where this journey takes me. Lastly, I have a sense of the person who is taking this journey, however I am not sure who will return. andre

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